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Get to know our founder

Abagayle Weitkamp, who goes by Abby, has been providing pet care services to her family and friends for more than 13 years now. She realized that she wanted to develop a business that would allow her to be around animals almost every day. Hence, Whisker to Tail Pet Services, LLC (WTPS) was born!

Abby has experience in many types of pet care, including senior animal care, special needs animal care, and medication administration. She is also pet CPR and first aid certified. She says, “I have a special connection with animals, especially dogs, that is inexplicable. I feel as though I can bond with them on a deeper level, making the animal and me feel happy and at ease.” In fact, as a kid, she used to get on her bike and ride around her neighborhood looking for lost animals! Some things never change.

They say that animals are a great judge of character, and Abby has never met an animal who did not like her. For her, WTPS is more than just a job, it’s her passion.

Also pictured is Preston, the rescue dog who really rescued Abby and her husband, Dillon. He is a sweet-tempered Catahoula/Aussie mix who is Abby’s service dog, but still licks everyone he meets when he is not on duty! Abby and Dillon also just recently added a new rescue to the family, Lunah, who was named for her sky-blue eyes. She is quite the handful, but they are loving her through her training every step of the way. All our services are done keeping Preston and Lunah in mind, meaning that we treat every customer’s pet as if he or she were our own!

When not providing services, Abby is a Penn State World Campus student finishing up her bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. In her free time, Abby also enjoys being outside in nature, gardening, reading, writing, singing, listening to music, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering. Additionally, she will never pass up a great meal, as she self-identifies as a foodie.

If you have any questions about Abby or Whisker to Tail Pet Services, LLC, please fill out an inquiry form on our home page!